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Ph.D. in Ecology; The Odum School of Ecology at The University of Georgia

My dissertation work investigates host-parasite range expansion and contraction under climate change. My current focal system is plethodontid salamanders in the Southern Appalachian Mountains, a group of species currently undergoing range shifts in response to changing environmental conditions such as rainfall, temperature, and land use. Through this system, I can study variations in host species demography and parasite diversity and prevalence over space and time to ask if host populations on the move take their parasites with them or leave them behind. This research is being conducted under my dissertation chairs Dr. Sonia Altizer and Dr. Andrew Park at The University of Georgia.


Master of Science in Biology; Georgia Southern University

My master’s research studied how environmental change and seasonal variation affect the microbiome and helminth community within shrews. I’ve attached a link to my previous research lab at Georgia Southern University where I continue to collaborate with my graduate advisor Dr. Stephen Greiman.

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